LON CEREL is a keen combination of performer, comedian, and magician - the total entertainer. He has been working audiences with skill, wit, and a love of his craft for more than 30 years. No wonder Lon is a regularly featured "traffic building" performer at comedy clubs, shopping malls, conventions, and fairs from Atlanta to Nova Scotia.
A LON CEREL performance percolates with energy, punctuated by unexpected bursts of contagious laughter. Lon tailors his show to the audience. On stage, Lon combines outrageous humor, Houdini-like escapes, and mind- boggling demonstrations of Extra Sensory Deception.
For smaller intimate gatherings, Lon performs in a walk-around fashion, sculpting balloon creatures and Mardi Gras hats for all your guests. Whatever the occasion, his wacky talent delights, amazes, confounds, and leaves you breathless.

LON CEREL splits you with laughter, demonstrates the impossible, and most of all, fills you with a sense of lasting wonder.